Harvest Youth Online - Week 1

David Martin

by David Martin on Thursday, 23rd April 2020

Hi Youth!

During this Covid-19 Pandemic, we are excited to let you know that Youth is still going on! There are two main ways we will do this:

The first is through weekly teaching, posted Wednesday nights onto harvestglasgow.org/youth, but you will also receive this in your email.

The second is a daily Bible reading plan we are encouraging everyone to do together (this will launch next week Monday, 27th April, check your email/website for the plan.

THIS WEEK... We are going to jump into a series specifically geared for this time. Hope Youth (from Hope Church Oakville in Canada) have been really awesome and have shared some materials that they are currently using, so we are going to join them in this study specifically intended to help us keep focus at this time.

Our new series will be primarily out of the Psalms, looking at how the psalmists dealt with challenges, fear and worry. In the Psalms, over and over again we see the struggle of real people growing real faith, strong and sturdy in our trustworthy God. Their challenges weren't easy, but their responses are time and time again, great examples for us.

We will join this series in two ways

  1. Video teaching from the awesome Karl Whittingstall, he’s the youth pastor at Hope Church Oakville, he’s very excited we are joining - you’ll get the link to this by Wednesdays, watch these ahead of the Bible studies in your own time but it might help if you set aside every Wednesday night, for example, to watch them and look at the questions
  2. Zoom Bible study - Thursdays 7 pm, your parents will get the link

This week we will be reading Psalm 16 and Psalm 40:1-4 we will look at the need to:

COMMIT to the Lord (willingly trust Him over all else), being CONTENT in the Lord (knowing He is reliable), finding CONFIDENCE in the Lord (Who has and knows all we need) and WAITING on the Lord (Who turns to us and hears us)

There are two videos (about 15 min each) that will help us in our study this week. Please read the passages and watch the videos ahead of 7 pm on Thursday.


1. In Psalm 16:1-2 David was willing to commit to the Lord for help. What have you been committing to or thinking about that has helped you the most over the last little while? What or who do you find yourself relying on?

2. In Psalm 16:5-8 David shares his contentment in the Lord. Highlight any verses that stand out to you right now and share them. Have you found contentment in these truths at this time?

3. David wraps up Psalm 16 with why his heart is glad in the Lord (v9-10). Like David, what are some truths of God you find encouraging and life giving and why? What are some things you can do or have been doing to remind you of those truths?

4. David wrote in Psalm 40 that he waited patiently on the Lord, what are you waiting on the Lord for most right now? What are the things you are wanting the Lord to do, that require you to wait patiently?

5. David goes on to say in Psalm 40 that the LORD was the one who rescued him, from what was otherwise an impossible place to get out of. This is what our world needs right now with sin, COVID-19 but also with so many other issues. How do you need to trust the Lord more right now, what do you need to surrender to the Lord in prayer and be patient with?

6. David ends the first part of Psalm 40 (v4) by saying that the person who trusts in the Lord and not in anything else, is blessed. Waiting on the Lord is never in vain. What has the Lord been teaching you as you wait for Him to deliver you, to fix your problem and pull you out of your pit? How is this a blessing or how do you think it will be a blessing?