Harvest Youth Online - Week 2

Cristina Martin

by Cristina Martin on Monday, 27th April 2020

Hey youth!

This week at Harvest Youth online we are studying the most famous of all the Psalms, Psalm 23.

A little intro from Karl on this week’s message: “You know the story about David having grown up as a shepherd boy, but now is King of Israel. He then pens this beautiful Psalm, where he portrays himself, the most powerful person in the land, as a helpless sheep. David declares then what that means and what the LORD does as the GOOD SHEPHERD. Jesus said in John 10:11 that He is the good shepherd who lays down his life for the sheep... this picture of God as a shepherd and us as sheep is thought scripture. In our passage this week we will look at a bunch of things that David (who was the King of Israel) wrote about what it means to have The Lord GOD as our shepherd. ”

You should have all got The Trust in God reading plan, which includes this week’s reading for Wednesday but feel free to read it any time! Before Thursday’s study, read Psalm 23 and then take 15 min to watch the video message for this week:


1. If the Lord is your Shepherd, then you are His sheep. John 10:27 gives the criteria for us to know if we are His sheep. Do these criteria describe you and how could you do better at these things? (LOOK THEM UP)


2. Verse 1 says I shall not want. This is because all we need is provided for by the Lord. How have you been guilty of "wanting" and not being content with the Lord's provision and position He has you in? What practices do you need to change to live with less want?

3. Verse 2 says He makes me lie down... and describes a place where we find what we need (sustenance in the place He decides), when we need it (in His time and when it is safe and right for us). How have you not been willing to receive what the Lord has for you? How have you been unwilling to slow down, stop, LIE DOWN and get what He has for you? How has busyness distracted you from receiving what the Lord has for you?

4. Verse 3 says He restores my soul. Only The Good Shepherd who lays down His life for His sheep (John 10:11) can restore our soul. Have you by faith believed in Jesus (The Good Shepherd) and been restored or saved? How does this change how you listen to The Good Shepherd?

5. In verse 3 David says that the Shepherd leads us in paths of righteousness, meaning that He guides us to do what is right before God. How have you been unwilling to be led and wandered from His leading in ways that are not right with God?

6. Verse 4 has some powerful imagery of how difficult, challenging and scary our world can be, BUT it says we can fear no evil for You are with me. How has the presence of the Good Shepherd in your life recently brought you comfort? How have you recently been overwhelmed by the valley you are in and how can you get your eyes back on the Good Shepherd?

7. The last verse in Psalm 23 talks about an assurance we have when the Lord is our Shepherd. How does His promise of goodness and mercy and the hope of dwelling in the house of the Lord forever help you face the challenges that surround you right now?

8. What truth of Psalm 23 is most fresh and reassuring to you, what are you going to do this week to remind yourself of this truth when things are not going exactly how you would like them to?