Harvest Youth Online - Week 3

Cristina Martin

by Cristina Martin on Tuesday, 5th May 2020

Hey youth!

Hope you guys have been enjoying Harvest Youth Online so far and have been encouraged by what we’ve been studying. This week we are studying Psalm 18. Make sure you leave a little extra time to read through it, it’s a little longer than previous reading.

A little intro from Tobi Adetayo, Youth Coordinator at Hope Youth on this week’s study:

“This week we take a look at Psalm 18, a portion of Scripture that is actually repeated from 2 Samuel 22. David pens this passage after reflecting upon the constant deliverance of the Lord from his enemies. It may be a longer Psalm, but don't let this deter you from reading it. There is a wealth of encouragement contained in its 50 verses. The big idea of this passage is that ‘God is My Rock’. This is a truth we need, especially at a time where there is a temptation towards doubt and fear. While everything in our world is being shaken, the people of God can place their faith in the unshakable God. Hallelujah!”

Before Thursday 7pm, take some time to read through Psalm 18 and watch this week’s video message:

Hopefully you guys have been able to follow along with this week’s reading plan, remember to be highlighting some verses that stand out to you or have encouraged you this week so you can share them on Thursday :) Really excited to meet with you guys again to study God’s Word!


1. Read verses 1-3. David claims that God is his "rock," among other things. List the different ways that David describes God (ex. "my strength", "my fortress"). Which of these stand out to you? Why?

2. What have you been tempted to place your confidence in instead of God? How can you begin to turn to God when you experience fear or doubt?

3. Read verse 6. David explains that God hears when His people call to Him. In what situations in your life do you need to call to God for help? How can your small group support you in this?

4. Read verse 19. God rescues His people because He loves His people! Do you find it hard to believe that God truly loves you? Why or why not?

5. Read verse 46 and 49. What are some ways that God has helped you through difficult times? How can you express gratitude and praise to the Lord for all that He has done? What steps will you take to do this?