Harvest Youth Online - Week 4

Cristina Martin

by Cristina Martin on Wednesday, 13th May 2020

Hey Youth!

We are on Week 4 of Harvest Youth Online! Hope you guys have been enjoying the studies as much as we have! This week we are starting a new series called Made in His Image.

A little intro from Karl on this series and this week’s study:

“This week we are starting a new series (that will go for 5 weeks) all about identity: Who am I? Each week we will look at another truth of who we are and our relationship to God and what this means for us. This week we are starting at the beginning with Genesis 1:26-28 and the Big Idea is: I am made in His image. At home, out of routine, without the normal flows of life, what is going on inside our heads is very different. The words we speak to ourselves, who we allow to influence us and how we are influenced has been changed, so we must re-ground ourselves in the truth of who we are in Christ, but the TRUTH of who we are must not. This series is designed to help us ignore the inner liar, battle the temptations of depression, distraction, despair and discouragement from the flesh, to fight the lies of the world that come at us and know WHO WE ARE in Jesus.”

Before our study on Thursday, take some time to read through Genesis 1:26-28 and watch this week’s video message:


1. This week we started a new series all about our identity. What are key words that you would use to identify yourself to someone?

2. How has the way you think about your own identity or that of others, changed as a result of this Covid-19 pandemic? Has your opinion of how others view you changed?

3. This week's message had 2 main points about Value and Purpose. How have you been tempted to devalue the way you view yourself? How have you been tempted or guilty of valuing others less?

4. What is the danger of valuing yourself and/or others less? Why is a proper understanding of your value and worth, as designed by God important in your life?

5. The second point of this week's message was about the purpose of mankind. God has an intentional purpose for all of us collectively and individually. How would you describe the purpose of your life?

6. When you think about the purpose of your life and God's glory, how have you been guilty of not living this out? If someone followed you around for a couple days, what would they think you are living for, what is your purpose? What needs to change in your life, to live how God created you?