Harvest Youth Online - Week 7

Cristina Martin

by Cristina Martin on Tuesday, 2nd June 2020

Hey Youth!!

Hope you guys had a great weekend in the epic sunshine we’ve been getting! We’re continuing our study in identity, fourth week now! Hope this has been a time for you to think upon what it means to be loved by God and how that translates into how you live. Last week we looked at how God's love for us is "unconditional" meaning that He demands nothing of us in return. We set you the challenge to think about someone you need to show unconditional love. How’s that been going? If you haven’t done that yet, think about it this week and let us know on Thursday how you got on.

This week we’re focusing on our reconciliation with God, seen in Colossians 1.

A little info from Karl on the study:

“This is week 4 of our Who am I? series about identity, I AM RECONCILED. We will be in Colossians 1 and look at vs.21-23. These verses help us see so clearly how we were HOSTILE to God, but have been made HOLY and now have HOPE because of the work of JESUS.”

Before Thursday, take some time to read through Colossians 1 and watch this week’s video message: I am reconciled. Keep an eye out for a shoutout to Harvest Youth Glasgow!

Every week someone at Hope Youth puts together an outline of the sermon, which is pretty cool. For this week’s sermon outline see this link.

JUST FOR FUN! Wear your onesies to the study on Thursday (or similar ridiculous loungewear if you don’t have one!)


1. This week's message from Colossians 1 started by pointing out that we "were alienated and hostile" to God. Past tense! Are you forgiven of your sin and no longer considered HOSTILE with God? How do you know, when did it happen, what has it meant to you?

2. The second point in the message was about how we can now be reconciled to God, no longer HOSTILE but now made HOLY. If you have put your faith in Jesus, have you seen areas in your life where you are growing in holiness and putting sin away? What are some specific sin strongholds you need the Lord to help with?

3. Knowing what Jesus has done for us (through faith in Him) should be a freeing and encouraging reality. Sadly we often see our sin as something we need to try to beat on our own and end up self condemning. Do you find it hard to trust the finished work of Jesus on your behalf and do you carry around guilt for sin Jesus has already paid for? Have you been tempted to not care as much as you should about sin because Jesus has already saved you? Why is that a bad plan?

4. The last point for this message on Colossians 1 was about the HOPE we now have because of Jesus. This Hope should drive our lives to feed on Christ and His word (mind), focus on Him and His love (heart) and follow the pattern of living Jesus has given to us in His word (will). Is this you? What areas of your life are least impacted by the HOPE of Christ that faith in Jesus has given you? What needs to change?