Harvest Youth Online - Week 8

Cristina Martin

by Cristina Martin on Wednesday, 10th June 2020

Hey Youth!!!

It’s our last week in the identity series ‘Who Am I?’ This has been a really helpful series to help us get back to what God designed for us and who He intended us to be, especially at a time where we are prone to drift.

A little bit about this week’s study from Tobi:

“This week, we conclude our Who Am I series in Romans 8:12-17. The Spirit of the Living God inhabits each and every Believer, meaning that we are no longer enslaved to our fleshly nature, and that we are adopted into the family of God. This is wonderful and comforting news to say the least, and it is news that each of us needs to be reminded of. The third person of the trinity dwells in us, confirming and affirming that we really do belong to Jesus. Thank you, Holy Spirit!”

Before Thursday, take some time to read through Romans 8:12-17 and watch this week’s video message: I AM ADOPTED

Every week someone at Hope Youth puts together an outline of the sermon, which has been quite helpful. For this week’s sermon outline see this link.



1. Read verses 12 and 13. Paul explains that those who are Followers of Jesus are no longer "in debt" to the flesh. In what ways do you see people living in the flesh within our society?

If you are a Christ-Follower, do you ever find yourself forgetting that you are no longer obligated to live a life of sin as you did prior to becoming a Follower of Christ? Why or why not?

Take a moment to think silently before responding to the following: In what areas of your life are you living in the flesh?

2. In verse 13, Paul explains the real battle that every Christian must take part in: Putting our sinful desires to death. What temptation do you find most difficult to resist? What steps will you commit to in fighting against this sinful desire? Plan as a small group how you can support one another in this battle against sin.


3. Read verses 14-16. Paul explains the exciting truth that Christians are God's children.

In what ways do you take for granted that you are a child of God? How should your thoughts and actions change in light of this amazing truth?

4. Read verse 16. This verse explains that the Spirit of God confirms within us that we are truly children of God. Do you ever question if you are truly part of God's family? In what ways can you verify that God's Spirit is in you and has joined you to God's Family?


5. Read verse 17. As children of God, we can expect the same inheritance that Jesus has, and will receive (i.e. glorified bodies, life with God forever, the New Heavens and Earth, love, joy, sinlessness etc.!), though while on earth we must endure the sufferings of this life.

In what ways are you currently suffering because of your faith in Jesus? In what ways are you going through suffering as a result of this broken world? How have you been handling these situations?

6. How should an understanding of your future as a Christ-Follower affect how you handle suffering in this life? In what ways can you increasingly set your hope on the life to come? How can you do this as a small group?