Harvest Youth Online - Week 9

Cristina Martin

by Cristina Martin on Wednesday, 24th June 2020

Hey youth!!

Hope you are having a great week, we’re excited to meet with you again this Thursday to start a new study series.

A little bit about this week’s study from Karl:

“This week we are kicking off a new series on Psalm 37 for a few weeks. This Psalm is all about the FAITHFULNESS OF GOD, His trustworthiness, His reliability, His power and might and capability. This week in Psalm 37 we're reading just two verses: 23-24. The Big Idea this week is that God is Faithful No Matter What. In this passage, we see a declaration of God's sovereignty, what our response should be, what is ahead, and what the Lord does. This is a short simple passage with some great big truths for us.”

Before Thursday, take some time to read through Psalm 37:23-24 and watch this week’s video message: GOD IS FAITHFUL

Every week someone at Hope Youth puts together an outline of the sermon, which has been quite helpful. For this week’s sermon outline see this link.


1. This week's passage started out with a reminder about God being in control. How should this truth affect how we think and act when facing different trials, struggles, and temptations? What specific situation are you facing where you need to be reminded of this truth?

2. Verses 23 ends by explaining that when we delight in the Lord, even though we fall, we will not be cast headlong. How are you doing at "delighting in His way"? Karl mentioned that "His way" is both His Word and obedience to His commands. How are you doing at knowing His Word and following His direction?

3. In verse 24 we see that difficulty and challenge will come ("though he fall") But we see that the Lord has us, and in HIM our difficulties, challenges, temptations, and trials won't be the end of us. How does that encourage you, how does that motivate you in your trial, and how does that make you feel towards the Lord?

4. Our passage this week ended with a reminder that the LORD is the one who "upholds" or sustains, helps, or keeps us all the time in any and every situation. What can you do to remind yourself of this truth more often and in so doing, fear, worry, and struggle less?