Harvest Youth Online - Week 10

Cristina Martin

by Cristina Martin on Monday, 29th June 2020

Hey youth!!

Hope you had a great weekend and are finding ways to enjoy slightly different summer holidays this year! We’re excited to meet with you again this Thursday to continue our study in Psalm 37.

A little bit about this week’s study from Karl:

“This week we are kicking off a new series on Psalm 37 for a few weeks. This Psalm is all about the FAITHFULNESS OF GOD, His trustworthiness, His reliability, His power and might and capability, and I am praying that it will be so encouraging. This week we are looking at the first 7 verses and why we can trust the Lord and what His faithfulness looks like in our lives. This is personally one of my favourite passages and Psalm 37 has been so encouraging to me through this pandemic..”

Before Thursday, take some time to read through Psalm 37 (particularly v1-7) and watch this week’s video message: TRUST HIM

Every week someone at Hope Youth puts together an outline of the sermon, which has been quite helpful. For this week’s sermon outline see this link.

ALSO, we told you guys about the awesome news that Hope Youth Oakville are running an ONLINE CAMP! It sounds pretty great and Karl has been working hard to make it awesome. We are pretty excited for it. The camp will run next Monday-Friday (6-10th July). There will be video teaching sent to you each morning and some activities for the afternoon. Make sure to REGISTER ONLINE through this link.


1. This week's message from Psalm 37 had 4 points, 4 things that we often want and that God alone delivers. Which one do you feel like you need or want the most?

  • Want security: TRUST the Lord
  • Want fulfillment: DELIGHT in the Lord
  • Want action: COMMIT to the Lord
  • Want peace: WAIT for the Lord

2. Knowing what you want, or need God to deliver, how have you failed to trust Him with the results? How have you tried to create your own, security, fulfillment, action, or find a different source of peace?

3. The Psalmist David wrote 4 action words or statements in verses 1-7. All these words take faith, or require some measure of trust (TRUST in the Lord, DELIGHT... in the Lord, COMMIT... to the Lord & BE STILL before the Lord). How will your life look different if you pursue the Lord like this passage says and what is holding you back?