Growing up I was sceptical about Jesus and especially believers, however, I knew there was something different about them. It was not until my early twenties my curiosity towards faith in Jesus was stirred when I met Amanda who had a Christian faith (now my wife).

Over a period of months, I was challenged as I began to wrestle in my soul about what a personal relationship with Jesus would look like and considered the impact on my life. I started to attend church and at one meeting I was struck by the words of Jesus “Why are you afraid, O you of little faith” Matthew 8:23-24. Immediately those words pierced my heart and I was no longer afraid to trust Him with my life.

I took a simple leap of faith, confessing my sins and repented for things I knew to be wrong and trusted the promises of Jesus. Very quickly the opposition from family, close friends, and colleagues was made known, disapproving of my decision to follow Jesus. Thankfully God was at work in my life strengthening the little faith I had.

Amanda and I enjoy spending quality time together with our three daughters Emma, Eilidh and Hannah who are a massive blessing to us and a reminder of God’s grace towards us. We are excited to be part of Harvest family and our desire is to grow as disciples of Christ as we journey through life.

If you’re visiting Harvest Glasgow, I would be thrilled to meet you and get to know you.