Not Enough Love And Understanding...

Scott Hamilton

by Scott Hamilton on Wednesday, 20th November 2019

1 Peter 3: 7 instructs husbands to live with wife in an understanding way.

Isn’t that just such a great way to put it?

Doesn’t it speak to the lack of grace and patience and forgiveness that we husbands might be prone to show to our wives?

How fast to express frustration.
How prone to give up.
How quick to accelerate anger. 

Which is rich that husbands would bw like any of that. Consider this: wives get three verses and we get one because this is anticipating that we are going to make it hard for them to feel like they can submit to our leadership because of our tendency to do an Abraham and give up on her to protect ourselves.

How little time we take to know our wives.
How slow to listen.
How slight our consideration.

The more we take time to learn about our wives the better we will be equipped to lead them well.
 Here are some questions that we hope will help you know your wife so as to lead well. Questions to help us as we hopefully take time to understand our wives?

What is their walk with Jesus like?
What encouragement do they need?
What is holding them back?
How can I help them to grow?
How can I point them to Jesus?
How can I assist them in their battle with sin?
How can I walk with them when they are in a dry season with the Lord?
What makes them sad?
What fills them with hope & joy?
What does it look like to love them in such a way as makes the love of Jesus clearer to them?
What does discipleship look like in our marriage?

These are a few starter questions for you as you think about how to build your marriage on a discipleship rather than a date night model.