Sermons by Series

A Little While Lower (Christmas 2023)

3rd Dec 2023

Protected by Promise

7th Jan 2024

Take a Look

15th Mar 2020

Finally Free

15th Jan 2023

Pain & Providence

21st Oct 2019

22 Things Worth Giving Your Life To

30th Jul 2023


26th Sep 2020


10th Feb 2020

Longing for Home

8th Sep 2019


4th Aug 2019

Rooted Descipleship

9th Jun 2019

Letters to the Seven Churches

2nd Jan 2019


11th Mar 2019

Living Free

19th Nov 2018

All I Want for Christmas

9th Dec 2018

Living in Focus

2nd Sep 2018

Level Ground

5th Aug 2018

Lord's Prayer

1st Jul 2018

Wising Up

15th Apr 2018

Easter Sunday

2nd Apr 2018


20th Aug 2017

Welcome Home

11th Mar 2018

Stepping Up

7th Jan 2018


24th Dec 2017

Growing Up

3rd Sep 2017

Run for Your Life

30th Jul 2017

I Am

4th Jun 2017

God at Work

8th Jan 2017


19th Apr 2017

Good Friday

19th Apr 2017

How Christmas Works

5th Dec 2016

How Church Works

14th Dec 2016

How My Life Works

9th Oct 2016

How My Heart Works

11th Sep 2016

How Stuff Works

4th Sep 2016


7th Aug 2016


5th Jun 2016

Era of Uncomfortable Grace

24th Apr 2016

Everyday Faith

28th Jun 2015

Reaching for Glory

10th Jan 2016

Songs in the Key of Christ

6th Dec 2015


6th Sep 2015

Gripped by Grace

16th Aug 2015

Come Home

19th Jul 2015

Room to Grow

15th Feb 2015

Songs in the Key of Life

28th Dec 2014


23rd Nov 2014

God at Work

7th Sep 2014

The Awe-Filled Church

17th Aug 2014

8 Choices That Change Everything

27th Apr 2014

Out of the Ordinary

29th Dec 2013

Called Further

27th Oct 2013

More Than

1st Sep 2013

How Do I ...

4th Aug 2013

Building Out of Brokenness

30th Jun 2013

Building for Battle

17th Feb 2013

Building Behaviour

6th Jan 2013

Building Belonging

28th Oct 2012

Building Belief

2nd Sep 2012

Vertical Church

5th Aug 2012

High Impact

24th Jun 2012


27th May 2012


15th Apr 2012


8th Jan 2012


11th Sep 2011


14th Aug 2011

Basic Instructions

19th Jun 2011

After God's Heart

31st Jan 2010

Set Apart Strangers - How to Behave in a World Where You Don't Belong

4th Dec 2022

The Dearest Place on Earth: the Church in Gods Plan & My Affections

4th Dec 2022

Joshua: Living Out a Courageous Faith

4th Dec 2022

Multiplying Churches

4th Dec 2022


4th Dec 2022

Fruit, Foxes, and First Dates

4th Dec 2022

The Good News: How Rebels Are Made Right

4th Dec 2022

Living Out a Courageous Faith

4th Dec 2022

The Gap: Reflecting Real & Feeling Fake

4th Dec 2022

Unto Us a Child Is Born

4th Dec 2022

Gospel Grab Bag

4th Dec 2022


4th Dec 2022

Mission Critical

4th Dec 2022

The Way Back

4th Dec 2022

Gospel Combat

4th Dec 2022

Minority Report: Listening to God in a Loud and Lost World

4th Dec 2022

Gospel People

4th Dec 2022

Gospel Care

4th Dec 2022

Introducing Jesus Into Every Day Chat

4th Dec 2022

Christmas 2022

11th Dec 2022


12th Mar 2023


16th Apr 2023

Stand Alone

16th Aug 2009

You Can Talk to God

20th Aug 2023

Back to the Blueprints

24th Sep 2023

Stand Alone Sermons

23rd Oct 2016

The Point of the Story

21st Jan 2024