Take a Look Curriculum: Signposts

Scott Hamilton

by Scott Hamilton on Monday, 6th April 2020


  1. How does the picture of a wedding feast serve to shows us what Jesus is like and what he has come to do?

  2. There is something significant about Jesus coming to bring rejoicing in place of ritual to be our eternal purification and invite us to His eternal party. In what ways can ritual still manifest itself and how do we guard our hearts against it?

  3. What does the zeal of Jesus in clearing the temple reveal about how we often worship? How does it inform how we should worship? (See also Psalm 69:9, Malachi 3:1-4, Zechariah 14:21)

  4. See John1:14, 3:19-21, 1Peter2:5, Eph2:21. What do these verses show us about what Jesus makes possible and what we are invited into when we belong to His church?

5. How do we respond to the challenge that Jesus’ miracles are just a myth?


https://www.uncover.org.uk/questions/did-david-hume-dispose-of- miracles/


6. What lies do we often believe when it comes to the feast the world/our sinful hearts offer us compared to the one Jesus invites us to? (See 2: 7,10)

7. What does zeal look like in how we share Jesus with others?

8. Reflecting on the past week, is there any sin / distraction that is causing your worship of God to be out of sync with what He desires?

How does your relationship with Jesus remedy that?