We Are Harvest Glasgow

Steven Grant

by Steven Grant on Sunday, 18th August 2019

  • 1 church

  • 9 buildings

  • 10 years

  • 12 marriages

  • 17 baptisms

  • 26 babies

  • 50 Sunday sermon series

  • 80 weeks of food tidings

  • 442 Setups and tear downs

  • 550 "You are loved"'s

  • 3,500 songs sung on Sundays

  • 6,284 verses from 239 chapters from 20 books preached from the pulpit

  • and 40,000 cups of tea, coffee, pastries & cake

All of these figures, numbers and sums have been for the glory and audience of 1 God, in 3 persons; Father, Spirit and Son.

Who has heard every prayer,

Seen our failures and sin.

Who has watched us raise hearts and hands up to Him.

We've gathered and served and laughed and grown.

The Word has took root from seeds that were sown.

Sinners are saved, the wanderer brought home

10 years and we're thankful for all that He's done.

We're ready and hopeful for all that's to come

For God will complete the good work He's begun.

These numbers all fail, in measure and scale

To compare to the grace which always prevails

His blessings abound, His love never fails.