Great Scottish Run This Sunday

Scott Hamilton

by Scott Hamilton on Friday, 28th September 2018

We have a great service lined up for this Sunday morning at Harvest and we don't want you to miss it. The one complicating factor that we can foresee is the Great Scottish Run which is taking place this Sunday and involves road closures close to the church. If you normally travel by motorway the best approach is to exit at Helen Street (think 924hr Asda), head towards Bellahouston Park and turn right at the roundabout. Take the first left down the side of the park (Bellahouston Drive), passing the sport centre on your left, and travel straight through the traffic lights (when they turn green of course). The first left turn after that is Ashkirk Drive and you should see our building on your right. [Alternatively if Bellahouston Drive is closed beside the park, continue to the next left which is Mosspark Boulevard and drive until turning right onto Bellahouston Drive then left onto Ashkirk Drive]

If you are travelling from nearer the church on the southside the best routre will be via Silverburn, taking the Braidcraft Road exit at the big roundabout before turning onto Corkerhill Road at the end of where you will be able to turn right onto Mosspark Boulevard before making a right onto Bellahouston Drive, then first left Ashkirk Drive.

We would ask that when you arrive in the vicinity of the building that you make sure to park considerately of our neighbours.

The road is fairly narrow so please avoid parking across the road from another parked car and in doing so please park on the same side of the road as other parked cars.

If you could avoid bumping up onto the kerb that is also helpful.

If you are able to park a little further away (like on Bellahouston Drive) to help those with young families or mobility issues to park a bit closer to the church that would be a great help to us.

We are excited to have you gather with us. So please don't let the run put you off.