5 Days until 10 Years

Scott Hamilton

by Scott Hamilton on Monday, 12th August 2019

This is how it started... not being sure how it would turn out.

I still remember that first knee-knocking, nervous sweat inducing, dry mouth making Sunday. Simultaneously thrilled and terrified. 6 months of praying and preparing, to do lists and guest lists, service planning and scrounging parts that we needed to make it work.

But we should have known already that it would work. God had already done something among us. Those few months of gathering in small groups or men and women to study and disciple one another, of gathering together in a living room to open God's Word and pray that God would do what only He could had changed all of us.

We were really asking God to multiply into other lives what He had already begun to do in ours. We longed for a closer walk with God and He gave us people who wanted to live that out along with us. We longed to be made more like Jesus and He gave us people who urged us to make Jesus a greater priority. We longed for our families to be strengthened in their faith and sold out in pursuit of Jesus and He gave us a church family to chase that down with.

And so we launched... we had no idea all that we would have cause to give thanks to God for 10 years later. Launch was the invitation to join in with how God was at work in the lives of a few people first on a city centre university campus, then in a church we borrowed on Sundays from a school and now in a building we still struggle to believe God has given us for our own. 10 years of a few obscure people meeting in a few obscure places in such a way as has made the transforming power of Jesus obvious.

In 2 Corinthians it talks about how 'we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us.' In many ways Harvest Glasgow has always felt on the surface to be fragile and ordinary but if you look a little closer and delve a little deeper you will see something extraordinary. God at work in fragile and ordinary lives showing His faithfulness and overwhelming grace.

P.S. We are having a celebration weekend to celebrate 10 years of Harvest Glasgow

16/8 Ceilidh @ 7pm https://www.facebook.com/event...
17/8 Sunday Service @ 10:30am
17/8 Worship, Testimony and prayer @ 6:30pm

We would love you to join us to celebrate.