4 Days Until 10 Years

Scott Hamilton

by Scott Hamilton on Tuesday, 13th August 2019

What are you most encouraged by? That is the question I had asked every staff member at the church where I did my church planting training. All of them said pretty much the same thing 'transformed lives.'

That is what we desired to see when we planted. Lives being transformed by the Gospel. That is what God has allowed us to see in the last 10 years. The slow and incremental change of character as someone seeks to be more like Christ. An increasing desire to be grounded in God's Word and living out God's will. People being baptised, marriages being strengthened, kids understanding what it means that God loves them so much that Jesus came to die for them, the grip of addictions being loosened, hearts being softened, worship growing, simple pieces of trust in God that are cool to watch.

One of the most fun things to reflect upon is seeing people giving their lives to serving the Lord in full-time ministry. Take our Launch team as an example. We have seen from that small group, youth workers, associate pastors, worship directors, seminary teachers and church planters serving Jesus in lots of different places around the globe.

Seeing people come to trust Jesus for the first time is undoubtedly the greatest thrill and the thing we are most thankful. In our very material world not many give thought to eternity until perhaps they are confronted by their own mortality. How amazing that God changes eternities... and that He has allowed us to see people's forevers fundamentally altered. Now, 10 years in, we are praying for that to happen many times over.

P.S. We are having a celebration weekend to celebrate 10 years of Harvest Glasgow

16/8 Ceilidh @ 7pm https://www.facebook.com/event...
17/8 Sunday Service @ 10:30am
17/8 Worship, Testimony and prayer @ 6:30pm

We would love you to join us to celebrate.