3 Days Until 10 Years

Scott Hamilton

by Scott Hamilton on Wednesday, 14th August 2019

If you had asked me at the beginning I would have told you that part of the motivation for planting Harvest Glasgow was the desire for my family to be blessed by a church family pouring into them. I wanted my family to be in a place where their relationships with others in the church would fuel their passion for Jesus.

Our kids loved it from the beginning. They loved it when 'the people' came round. That's what they called folks from the church and few things gave them more excitement (or excuses to creep downstairs claiming they couldn't sleep) than having people from our church family in our house. And there was a lot of that in those earlier days. Our home became at once a meeting place, social spot, storage unit and band rehearsal room. The kids loved the busyness and the care and love that people in the church gave them. I love that God has allowed us to be a church where the entire church family are cheerleaders for the growth and depth and well-being of our Harvest kids (now around 60 or so kids every Sunday). I love how many people in our church are giving time every month to disciple the kids and youth in our church praying for them and pressing in on them loving their lives all in for Jesus.

There have been many remarkable things for me to consider as I reflect 10 years on from planting the church. The impact on my family is definitely one. The impact of my wife is another. I have lost count of the times I have come up with an idea and Alison has made it work. I joked in my wedding anniversary Facebook post earlier in the summer about Alison's 'enjoyment at opening our home at sometimes less than perfect notice' and that has been the pattern for 10 years now. She has made our home open and the kettle always seems to be on for 'more tea.' She is responsible in any ways, often ways that people will never see or know, for much of the culture of the church. She is a big reason why our women's ministry is one of the most encouraging things about our church. She loves Jesus more than anyone I know and loves our church passionately and fiercely.

10 years on I am thankful for how the church has blessed my family. Has it been tiring at times? No doubt. Has it caused tears on occassion? You wouldn't believe me if I said I hadn't. Has it changed out lives for the better? It totally has. Is it the greatest adventure our family has ever been on? You better believe it. And we can't wait to see what God is going to do here next.

P.S. We are having a celebration weekend to celebrate 10 years of Harvest Glasgow

16/8 Ceilidh @ 7pm https://www.facebook.com/event...
17/8 Sunday Service @ 10:30am
17/8 Worship, Testimony and prayer @ 6:30pm

We would love you to join us to celebrate.